Drum Roll Please....And the Winner is...

Chrissie Rouse.

I loved the last line of her comment. "In the summer I can catch my breath."

**Chrissie, call or email me and we can talk about when you want the cupcakes...can't wait to hear from you!

WAIT!!! Everyone else who commented!!! It was so hard to decide who the winner would be. So... because all of your comments warmed my heart in one way or another, I want to offer the rest of you a free half dozen cupcakes that can be picked up on Friday, October 19th. Please email me at kelly@onceuponacupcake.net by October 16th if you want them.

Thanks to all of you who commented!


heatherleith! said...

oh! oh! i want some! thank you so much. that's a great idea...

do i need to email you? or can i just comment?

Serving Orange County said...

nope, commenting is just fine...i'll get in touch with you later about what time you can pick them up on the 19th...sound good?!
see you soon.

chrissie said...

I AM SO EXCITED!!! Thank you so much, Kelly! I love the look of your cupcakes and I CANNOT wait to taste them.
I'll figure out the perfect time and email you soon.
Thanks again, friend!