Pirate Face - $3.00 each
Dots - $2.50 each
X marks the Spot - $2.75 each
Skull/Crossbones - $2.50 each

Okay, Kelly... once again you overdelivered! The pirate cupcakes for Beau's party were phenomenal! Everyone was raving, not only about how cute they were, but also about how unbelievable they tasted. My friends were actually trying to come up with parties we could have just so that we could order some more cupcakes from you! Thank you so much for your creativity. I am such a huge control freak, and I am not usually very good at delegating stuff out, especially without specific instructions. But it is such a relief to know that I never have to worry about the cupcakes! I fully trust you to come up with something great every time.

I'll hopefully see you at that Boutique in April, and I'll definitely be putting in another order sometime.

Thanks again,


ryles said...

How on earth do you come up with all these ideas??
You are soo creative!!

I love it!

Kristina said...

Girl - you are AMAZING. You're unbelieveably creative and I hope that this venture not only makes you happy, but sucessful!

Joyful Weddings & Events said...

so stinkin cute!

laura said...

wow - this is a great blog, and i LOVE these pirate cupcakes! good luck on your cupcake business - i too live in mission viejo, and i will definitely bookmark your blog for future parties!