The King and Queen of Hearts...

are getting married at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. Her bridemaids wanted to throw her a "Vegas-Sytle" wedding shower. Here are the cupcakes...

Dice Cupcake - $2.75 each
Suit Cupcakes - $2.50 each
Sprinkle Cupcakes - $2.00 each

Plastic Flamingo Cupcake - $2.50 each
Flamingo Head - $2.25 each
Sprinkle Cupcakes - $2.00 each

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Anonymous said...

I was one of the bridesmaids for this shower and just wanted to say that not only did these cupcakes turn out absolutely perfect appearance-wise, they are totally delicious!!! I had three of them!! I think every lady at the shower consumed more than one cupcake because they are so appealing by sight and taste. Thank you for the amazing job you did on our cupcakes, I couldn't have imagined them coming out any more fabulous!!!