I made these bowling cupcakes for 9 year old's birthday party.

Bowling Ball and Pin Cupcake - $2.75 each
Polka Dot/Age Cupcakes - $2.25 each
Sprinkles Cupcakes - $2.00 each

Hi Kelly-
Thank you again for the wonderful cupcakes. I love the way you decorated them for my daughters bowling party, very cute and creative.
We cheated this evening and had to try one of the cupcakes. They smelled so good and since I ordered a few extra I thought we could eat one before the party. I split it three ways and we were all in heaven. The cupcakes were moist and absolutely delicious. I was very pleased with the taste and creativity. I would definitely recommend your cupcakes to my family, friends, or anyone that asks for a referral. On top of the delicious cupcakes, your customer service was outstanding. You were prompt in getting back to me, friendly, efficient in responding to my questions, but most of all you followed through with everything you advertised. Thank you again for making this experience enjoyable and easy.


Glenn said...

on a bunch of your cupcakes you use a bigger ball...on these they are red...on the anniversary ones they were silver...what are they? are they edible?

Tizzalicious said...

They look so good!

Heather Watson Digital Elements said...

I wound up on your site using Stumble Upon and I have to say that you are truly an artist! Your cupcakes look soo good. I wish I could make a cupcake like that!

Serving Orange County said...

They are edible pearls!!! I love using them for decorating.

Kelly C'de Baca